Art at the Grant – The History of Concord Mural

History of Concord is an homage to the rich history of one of the Bay Area’s lesser-known cities. Beginning in the bottom left corner, you will notice traditional woven baskets and pottery of the Miwok, the original inhabitants of the valleys north of Mount Diablo, who hunted elk and fished the streams flowing from the mountain into the San Francisco Bay. By 1772, Spanish explorers had begun to cross the area, but it was not until 1834 that the Mexican land grant Rancho Monte del Diablo was granted to Salvio Pacheco, a notable California ranchero, sowing the seeds for future development.

In the top left corner, you will see an excerpt of a nineteenth century map featuring Concord’s main arterials which flows into a photograph taken of downtown circa 1908. Historical records point to a series of devastating fires and floods that crippled the neighboring town of Pacheco’s once booming economy, forcing residents to displace to what is modern Concord in the late 1860s. The city would be formally incorporated in 1905.

Concord Mural Image 1

The rays of sunshine you see at center come from the Concord Flag – itself designed to evoke the sun rising in the east over the foothills of Mount Diablo. In the foreground is the famous arch of Todos Santos Plaza – a beautiful public park just two blocks from where you stand – and so titled from the city’s original name – Todos Santos – given by Salvio Pacheco, who also founded Concord. Surrounding and nourished by the sun, you will observe two of Concord’s most famous flora – Wisteria and California Buttercup, which among many other vibrant wildflowers blanket the hills of the East Bay beginning in early spring each year.

Finally, the right portion of the mural depicts the Concord we know today. Viewed from the east, the city’s downtown is framed against Mount Diablo and its gentle foothills – a city connected to its past and looking confidently to the future. To learn more about Concord’s history, please visit the Concord Historical Society online. And to get inspired about fun things to see and do in our great city, check out the Visit Concord website!

Concord Mural Image 2

About the Artists – Meck and Jeans

We are street art mural artists based in Oakland, California, whose style reflects the community through architecture, city landscapes and historic symbolism. For this mural, our research began with the area’s indigenous peoples and continued to the modern era. For us, the mural is a symbolic timeline – an homage to the past, a glimpse of the city’s early days, and a depiction of its optimistic future. The sunbeams of the Concord flag reflect hope and pride, while the native flowers are a motif that symbolize the natural beauty and history of the land. The piece blends traditional painting styles with photography and print to lend a more contemporary feel. We are honored to create this piece for the city of Concord and to reflect its proud history through art. See more of our work on Instagram: @abgprojects.